About The Fit Expo

The goal of The Fit Expo is to fortify the Fitness Industry In Canada by connecting you to your fellow wellness professional, the 6th edition will be in Mississauga Friday 26Th Of August 8th 2022, from 1Pm to 10Pm.

A competition in sports is always healthy and enmity is not welcome, This event both social and athletic is put in place in order for us to thrive as an integrated entity.

Stay tuned for Updates !

The Fit Expo Editions

2019 November: 1st Edition Beirut-Lebanon
2020 October: 2nd Edition Beirut-Lebanon
2020 December: 3rd Edition Koura-Lebanon
2021 August: 4th Edition Broumana-Lebanon
2022 June : 5th Edition Beirut-Lebanon
2022 October: 6th Edition Toronto-Canada